St. John XXIII holds an Open House each year in January. We encourage all new families to attend Open House, as it provides a great opportunity to meet the staff and principal of St. John XXIII as well as tour the facility, pickup registration forms, and learn why St. John XXIII can provide your children with the enriching education they deserve.

Preschool Plus

Preschool Plus provides a great opportunity for families who want their child to attend St. John XXIII Preschool and who need extended childcare. This service is available to any of our AM Preschool students on the days they attend class. Children enrolled into Preschool Plus will transition from their Preschool class at dismissal to the Preschool Plus room and enjoy extra outside time, lunch with their peers, a quiet rest time, and craft/play time with the teacher.

Preschool Plus provides a safe and positive environment to enrich and nuture each child. It can help your child grow in confidence being in familiar surroundings and ease your child’s transition from half day to full day schooling in a small, comfortable setting.

If your family could benefit from our Preschool Plus program, please inquire by contacting out school office at 513-424-1196.

State Accredited Preschool Program

St. John XXIII Catholic Elementary School’s preschool program, accredited by the Ohio Department of Education, is for three, four and five year old children. The preschool is staffed by two licensed preschool teachers, Mrs. Dot Crisp and Mrs. Maria Jeffers, and three classroom aides, Mrs. Patty Ryan, Mrs. Kristen Mulligan, and Mrs. Krista Chaney. The Preschool Plus teacher is Mrs. Katie Olson. The Preschool Director is Mrs. Dawn Pickerill.

Our teachers use the Creative Curriculum and include a Christian faith-based component available to students of all faiths. The many assets of the St. John XXIII campus that are available to all students, such as two computer labs, a full sized gymnasium, beautiful playground and library, are also available to the preschool students.

Weekly Class Schedule

The three year-old pre- Kindergarten class meets on Thursday and Friday from 8:00am – 11:30am. There is a limit of 16 students for the three year old class.

The four year-old/pre-Kindergarten class is offered in a three-day program held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as a five-day program held Monday through Friday.

Families in the three day program can choose from a morning class that meets from 8:00am – 11:30am or the afternoon class which meets from 12:00pm – 3:30pm. There is a limit size of 12 students for the 3 day A.M. or P.M. class. The five-day program meets in the morning only, from 8:00am to 11:30am. There is a limit of 20 for the 5 day A.M. class.

Daily Class Schedule

  • Learning centers – math, language, science and social studies.
  • Group activities – songs, games, discussions, poems, guest speakers, etc.
  • Large muscle activity – either in the gym or outside on the playground.
  • Snack – Healthy daily snacks are provided to all students.

Preschool students also participate in school activities that are age appropriate and take place during preschool time. There is no nap time in the preschool program.

Qualification/Eligibility Requirements

Children must reach the age of three/four by September 30th in order to enroll in the respective three/four year old class.
All children must be toilet trained before the first day of school.

Tuition Costs

There is a yearly registration fee of $75 per child for the St. John XXIII Preschool program in addition to the monthly tuition fees. The monthly tuition fees are:

2020-2021 Preschool class options, tuition rates, and optional service fees

2 day morning options (Thursday and Friday)
Hours Included & Monthly Rate
Preschool 8:00-11:30 $150.00
Preschool Plus 11:30-6:00 $240.00
Preschool +Preschool Plus 8:00-6:00 $390.00

3 day morning options (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday)
Hours Included & Monthly Rate
Preschool 8:00-11:30 $200.00
Preschool Plus 11:30-6:00 $360.00
Preschool + Preschool Plus 8:00-6:00 $560.00

5 day morning options (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)
Hours Included & Monthly Rate
Preschool 8:00-11:30 $320.00
Preschool Plus 11:30-6:00 $600.00
Preschool + Preschool Plus 8:00-6:00 $920.00

3 day afternoon options (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
Hours Included & Monthly Rate
Preschool   12:00-3:30 $200.00

Payments will be taken through FACTS from September until May.

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