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Where Faith, Families, and Community Come Together



Sharing our love for God with each child through Christian-based activities.



Providing an atmosphere that encourages discovering and learning.



Challenging and active hands-on learning in the classroom.

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Junior High

Providing a solid academic foundation to prepare for success at the next level.

Welcome to St. John XXIII


St. John XXIII represents 150 years of Catholic Education dedicated to encouraging and developing well-rounded, self-confident and compassionate children and young adults who lead successful, mindful and service-driven lives. We are committed to providing a challenging, structured and inspiring learning environment led by highly qualified and experienced teachers in (appropriately sized classrooms). Our school community is the foundation on which our core principles of faith and hard work bind us together as a family. We believe that here, you are home.


Mary Ann Rossi Memorial Fund

Mary Ann Rossi

Mary Ann was a member of the first graduating class of Fenwick High School in 1953, along with her future husband, John "Butch" Rossi. She graduated with a diploma degree in Nursing from Good Samaritan Hospital, where she worked for a number of years. Mary Ann then worked as a school nurse for Middletown City Schools and John XXIII for over 20 years. Her nurturing spirit touched the lives of countless students and colleagues who were fortunate enough to know her. She fondly cherished memories of the students she cared for and for the families she met throughout the years and to this day would ask about their current lives. Mary Ann's life was one of love and devotion. She was a dedicated and loving wife to her husband, Hall of Fame coach, Butch, whom she married in 1961. Family meant everything to Mary Ann. In addition to raising 10 children with Butch, they opened their home to extended family and relatives and cared for them for many years. Her unwavering faith guided every aspect of Mary Ann's life as she prayed the rosary daily and led an exemplary life which continues to leave a strong impact on her children and grandchildren. She was a long standing member of the Catholic community and an active member of Holy Family Parish.

In partnership with our community, St. John XXIII Catholic School provides a rigorous curriculum centered on Christ. Our school prepares students to live their Catholic values and apply their knowledge beyond the classroom.